Van Uden Kaarsen

Candles since 1985

Van Uden is a specialist candle manufacturer. We manufacture and supply candles to various markets. Our products range anywhere from quality tealights to private label solutions. We can deliver on any type and any volume you might need.

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About Van Uden Kaarsen

Van Uden is a manufacturer and distributor of candles for professional use. We have been manufacturing candles since 1985, supplying our products to the hospitality sector, churches, florists and the promotional gifts sector.

Having originally started out small, our Schijndel manufacturing plant has since grown into an international business. We currently have a 20-man strong team turning out candles of exceptionally high quality on a daily basis.

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Candles of the Highest Quality

Quality comes first in the vast array of candles for professional use we manufacture. We've combined technical innovations with traditional candle making to ensure the best possible results.

In-house Manufacturing

Our 3,500 m2 of manufacturing floor space is the beating heart of our company. The range of production processes we employ and the contemporary machinery we have at our disposal enable us to deliver on orders of any size.

World-Wide Distribution

Candles are distributed from our warehouse on a daily basis. We currently supply customers in nearly 25 countries around the world. Our logistics partners guarantee that your order will be treated with the utmost care.

Our Production Process

Innovation and tradition have been at the forefront at Van Uden for more than 35 years now. We manufacture a vast array of candles used across various different markets. From bars and restaurants to places of worship, we don't just want to offer our customers the best quality available, but we want to also offer them a competitive price. This drives us to seek out ways in which we can increase efficiency in our manufacturing process.

We consequently employ a highly automated manufacturing process. Anywhere where such automation cannot be introduced, the skilled hands of our candle specialists get the job done. Would you like to more about how we might help you?

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