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Van Uden is a specialist candle manufacturer. We manufacture and supply candles to various markets. Our products range anywhere from quality tealights to private label solutions. We can deliver on any type and any volume you might need.

Van Uden was founded in 1985 in Schijndel, the Netherlands. In the ensuing 35 years we've grown into an international candle manufacturing firm that honours tradition and innovation in equal measure. Manufacturing candles is our core business. Our skilled employees manufacture a wide range of products using state-of-the-art machinery. Employing the latest technology available enables us to guarantee a high-end quality product.

Why get your candles from Van Uden?

If you buy your candles from Van Uden, you are guaranteed:

Worldwide shipping

We ship our candles all over the world. So don't worry if your not located in the Netherlands. We can ship your order out to you, no matter where you are.

Wide range of products

We have a wide range of products catering to the needs of professional users in sectors ranging from hospitality to promotional gifts.

Sound shipping

If you like, we can have our logistics partners securely ship your order out to you.

Global Shipping

Professional users in both the Netherlands as well as far beyond its borders have witnessed first-hand the quality of Van Uden candles. We ship our candles to customers across the EU and beyond.

Quick Delivery

All orders placed with us are collected and loaded for shipping at our warehouse on a daily basis. Our logistics partners take the utmost care in shipping your order out to you and ensuring it arrives on your doorstep as quickly as possible.

Factory Collection

Would you prefer collecting your order at our warehouse instead? Not a problem.

The right candle for the job

We're crazy about candle-making. And this is why we're always looking to innovate our production processes, without losing any of the craftsmanship involved in making candles. That's why at Van Uden we're always striving to get your order out to you swiftly and correctly. We offer a wide range of options. With 5,000 candles in our standard product range, plus private label packaging options, we've always got the candle for you.

Guaranteed Quick Delivery

Quality always comes first at Van Uden. At the same time, however, we're also looking to offer our customers a fair price to go with that first rate quality. As our production processes are automated to a high degree, we're able to do both. We process approximately 1.5 million kg of paraffin a year and our warehouse boasts storage capacity for some 3,000 pallets. This allows us to quite often source your order directly from stock and ship it out to you the very same day you placed it with us.

From Q-Lights to private label

Van Uden supplies candles to a range of markets, which has enabled us to offer an extensive range of products. Alongside our standard range of candles, we also offer Q-Lights candles and private label packaging.

Q-Lights is our professional hospitality brand. Q-Lights candles are great quality candles with a longer than average burn time. You'll find our Q-Lights candles available at selected hospitality wholesalers. They don't smoke and boast a clean constant flame, making them a popular option among hospitality professionals. We produce our Q-Lights range in accordance with the needs of hospitality sector customers. From our popular refills right through to our trusted U-Lights Lowboys, Q-Lights is the perfect hospitality brand.

Private label

Are you looking for a manufacturer to partner you on your private label candle brand? Then look no further than Van Uden! We have every option available from scented candles to those in our hospitality range. Private label orders are available at volumes starting at one pallet in size.