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Van Uden Candles produces and distributes candles for professional users. Our candles can be found worldwide in the hospitality industry, flower shops and church institutions.

All candles from our large assortment have one thing in common: they are of great quality. Candles from Van Uden Kaarsen are guaranteed to create a great atmosphere. Do you have a question about one of our candles or would you like to request a quotation right away? Then contact our sales department. They will answer all your questions and process your orders. Our sales staff can also give you the expected delivery time almost immediately. Due to extensive automation in order processing, standard stock items are shipped the same day, resulting in 24-hour delivery for the Netherlands and Belgium.

Our product range

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The versatile classic in various sizes.

See our tealights


Refill candles

Create a great ambience with our refill candles.

See our refills


Pillar candles

The ideal candle with a long burn time.

See our pillar candles


Dining candles

The candle with a chic look.

See our dining candles


Outdoor table candles

Sturdy candles that are great for outdoor use.

See our outdoor table candles


Scented candles

Stimulate your senses with delicious fragrances.

See our scented candles


Votive candles

Devotional candles for special moments.

See our votive candles


Novena candles

With standard or custom images

See our novena candles

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