Refill candles

Create your desired atmosphere with our refillable candles

Van Uden Refills

The perfect hospitality option! Refills have a longer burn time, and as a result, housed inside a taller, plastic, cup than the tealight's aluminium tin. These candles are available in a variety of colours, making them easier to match your interior and offering you more versatility in setting the right tone.

The fact that refills need changing far less frequently than other options makes them very popular with our hospitality sector customers. Van Uden refills are available from our Q-Lights hospitality range. Q-Lights refills have an average burn time of about 24 hours, guaranteeing you a full day's worth of great atmosphere.

All the style and none of the hassle

Refills enable you to quite easily add some style without any of the hassle. Having your lights match your interior was never more easy. Q-Lights refills come in 14 different, trendy, colours. And refill holders are also available in a range of different designs and colours. Pair your refill with a different holder and change things around a bit.

Q-Lights Original Refills

Available in fourteen beautiful colours.


Warm white


Lime green

Dark green

Aqua blue









Refill Holders

Combine your refills with a Van Uden refill holder. These holders will also fit tealights.

  • Sparkle glass: handmade contemporary cracked-glass design
  • Square ribbed glass: A sturdy, contemporary, glass candle holder for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Barlight glass: compact glass refill holder This is a ten-sided, faceted glass refill holder. Its faceted design creates a unique prism and gives off a wonderful reflection.
  • Coco glass: A posh and trendy glass refill holder.

Refill holders

Combine these refill holders with your refills to give a wonderful effect.

Barlight glass

CoCo glass

Square ribbed glass

Sparkle glass

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