Dining candles

Candles with that special-occasion feel

Van Uden Dining Candles

Our Gothic, or dining, candles provide a unique atmosphere with a romantic feel. These candles are cast under the best conditions in accordance with tradition. Oozing quality craftsmanship, these candles really add some extra stature to your bar or restaurant.

Their height adds a touch of class to each table. Dining candles, or Gothic candles, are often used in formal table coverings, but we feel that this is a classic that suits almost any setting.

Available in different colours and sizes

Van Uden dining candles are available in different colours and sizes. Colours range from the traditional white or ivory to red or green, but no matter the colour you pick, they're sure to add to the atmosphere. Sizes range from 20-40 cm in height.

Q-Lights Gothic Candles

Gothic candles of the highest quality


23 x 245 mm, tray 50 pieces


23 x 245 mm, tray 50 pieces


23 x 245 mm, tray 50 pieces


23 x 245 mm, tray 50 pieces


23 x 245 mm, tray 50 pieces


23 x 245 mm, tray 50 pieces


23 x 245 mm, tray 50 pieces

Basic white

22 x 240 mm, box 100 pieces

Basic ivory

22 x 240 mm, box 100 pieces

Gothic Candle or Dining Candle

Although Gothic candles and dining candles appear very much alike, there is a an essential difference between the two. Whereas dining candles maintain the same diameter from top to bottom, Gothic candles are tapered near the top.

Van Uden also manufactures Q-Lights lamp candles for your Mason lamps and your Bepri shells. These candles will burn leaving no residue, while offering a high light output.

Van Uden dining candles

A stylish addition to any room

Cylindrical dining candles

White, 12 hours

Cylindrical dining candles

Ivory, 12 hours

Gotische kaars lang

Wit, 12-uurs

Long gothic candle

Ivory, 12 hours

Lamp candle

7 hours

Lam candle

9 hours

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