Outdoor Table Candles

Candles used outside need to be a bit more robust than those used indoors.

Terraskaarsen van Van Uden Kaarsen

Candles don't just set the tone indoors, they can really add to the atmosphere of your outdoor area. Candles used outside, however, will need to be a bit more robust than those used indoors.

This is why Van Uden offers a wide range of candles that are very well suited for outdoor use. We've developed candles with longer burn times made from more robust materials making them less vulnerable to slight changes in the weather.

Some of our outdoor table candles have proven such lasting hits that they've ‘classic’ status, but we've also got some real high light output eye-catchers in there.

Outdoor Candles & Lights

Our Flame Lights, Flame Dishes, Fire Lights and Citronella Garden Lights are great for outdoor tables or as entrance ornaments. These are real eye-catchers and make for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. These options are great for creating atmosphere on warm as well as cold evenings. We all know that creating a great atmosphere for your outdoor guests is a great pull. This has made our outdoor candles a real hit with our hospitality customers!

S-Lights and U-Lights

Instantly recognisable! These classics are the perfect outdoor table option. Van Uden offers these candles in a choice of either a glass (U-Lights), or plastic, holder (S-Lights). Their trendy design and vibrant colours see them instantly create the right atmosphere at every table. These candles are great easy-to-use options for creating atmosphere. Their long burn time enables them to provide hours and hours of enchanting candlelight.


Outdoor table candle in a plastic holder with a 60-hour burn time.



Lime green

Aqua blue


Colourful Crowd

These candles are very popular outdoor options with our hospitality customers. Though the S-Lights’ plastic holder sees them excel in their ease-of-use, the U-Lights are the true outdoor classics. These candles boast a burn time of no less than 70 hours.


The perfect outdoor table option. Available in a range of different colours.

Square white

Square red

Square yellow

Original white

Original red

Original lime green

Original amber

Original fuchsia

Original purple

Original orange

Other Outdoor Candles

Looking for something else for livening up your outdoor setting with? Check out our Outdoor Candles range.

Outdoor candles

Van Uden outdoor candles - The easy way of creating a great atmosphere



Flame bowl

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