The versatile classic available in a range of sizes

Van Uden Tealights

Tealights have long since been a wildly popular option. Sat in their aluminium tins inside their decorative holders, tealights have a knack for creating a great atmosphere. Van Uden tealights burn under a beautiful calm flame. We offer a range of tealight options.

Lighting a candle instantly creates a great atmosphere. And the instant you light one of our tealights, the room is transformed.

The options we offer range anywhere from large tealights to floating candles. There's heaps to choose from. There is a wealth of choice on offer in tealight holders, allowing you to create exactly the right setting.

Tealights or Waxine Lights?

In Holland, tealights are often also referred to as waxine lights. This type of candle is often called a tealight, as they used to be, and still are, used in teapot stands to keep your tea warm. Nowadays, however, they are more commonly used for decorative purposes instead. Quite often deployed to create the right atmosphere, they are also increasingly found in scented diffuser combinations.

Q-Lights tealights

You can tell a Q-Light by its characteristic blue flint. Q-Lights tealights are available at guaranteed burn times of 6, 8 and 10 hours, respectively. Demand for Q-Lights tealights is such that they are found all over the world.

At Van Uden we understand exactly why this type of candle enjoys the popularity it does. We would love to provide you more information on our tealights and help you find the right tealight for you.

Our tealights

Q-Lights - The highest quality tealights around. Available at 6, 8, or 10-hour burn times

Q-Lights normal tealights

6h tealights
Box 125 pieces
Ø 39 x 18 mm

Q-Lights special tealights

8h tealights
Box 100 pieces
Ø 39 x 23 mm

Q-Lights maxi tealights

10h tealights
Box 40 pieces
Ø 59 x 25 mm

Q-Light tealight 6H

6h tealights
Bag 100 pieces
Ø 39 x 18 mm

Q-Lights tealight 8H

8h tealights
Bag 50 pieces
Ø 39 x 23 mm

Q-Lights tealightt 10H

10h tealight
Bag 30 pieces
Ø 59 x 25 mm

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