Pillar candles

The ideal candle with a long burn time

Stompkaarsen van Van Uden Kaarsen

Endless candle-lit evenings guaranteed with the beautiful solemn glow from our pillar candles. These candles are available in either white or ivory. This is the most recognisable candle in our range.

Van Uden manufactures high quality pillar candles. Though only available in two colours, our pillar candles still offer endless combining potential. That is because our pillar candles are available in a range of sizes and - consequently - burn times, too.

Though this classic is a great table option, it will really go well just about anywhere.

Different Sizes

Van Uden pillar candles have a classic appeal about them. Our Q-Lights pillar candles are available in more than fifteen different sizes. Their high light output makes them a good option for lots of settings.

Pillar Candles

Available in a range of sizes and burn times.
We manufacture pillar candles with diameters ranging between 4-8 cm, standing at a maximum height of 20 cm.
Pillar candles are available from stock in either ivory or white, with colours available on request.
Have a look at some of our pillar candles.

Pillar candle

60 x 150 mm

Pillar candle

70 x 130 mm

Pillar candle

80 x 200 mm

Mammoth Candles

Are you looking for oversized pillar candles? Then look no further than the Q-Lights Mammoth Candles. These candles have a 10 cm diameter. Q-Lights Mammoth Candles are the biggest pillar candles in our range and are available in ivory as standard.

Mammoth Candles

Our biggest pillar candles.

Mammoth Candle

100 x 100 mm

Mammoth Candle

100 x 150 mm

Mammoth Candle

100 x 200 mm


100 x 300 mm

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